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"ragz" wrote:
the thing is, all i ever hear about jackson is he has to avoid the big mistake.
if i recall correctly i dont remember him making all these huge mistakes that cost us games.
if anything we just didn't produce enough points and make our passing game effective enough to move the football and get points.
of his picks, how many went back for tds, how many were in the redzone, how many points scored off of his picks by the other team?
he didn't really make the big mistake last year in the games we lost, most times we were too conservative and we didn't move the ball enough to score enough.
maybe we were protecting him which i think is a bad move if you want a qb to develop, but either way, that is what's gonna have to improve if we are legit.
we can win some games 10-7 if our defense turns out to be that good, but new orleans, dallas, new york, maybe even green bay can score some points so defense and running are not gonna cut it alone.

He made some pretty big mistakes. In the first game against the Lions he threw FOUR interceptions. We lost that game in OVERTIME ... a win that would have been huge to us was lost because of his inability to keep the ball. The turnovers that really hurt us ...

Turnover No. 1
3rd and 1 at DET 25 (9:29) T.Jackson pass short middle intended for J.Kleinsasser INTERCEPTED by S.Cody (G.Alexander) at DET 22. S.Cody to DET 20 for -2 yards (B.Wade).
We are in field goal range and he takes out of any chance to get any points.

Turnover No. 2
3rd and 8 at MIN 15 (15:00) (Shotgun) T.Jackson pass deep left intended for R.Ferguson INTERCEPTED by K.Smith at MIN 44. K.Smith to MIN 39 for 5 yards (M.Moore).
Minnesota challenged the runner was down by contact ruling, and the play was REVERSED.
(Shotgun) T.Jackson pass deep left intended for R.Ferguson INTERCEPTED by K.Smith at DET 49. K.Smith to DET 49 for no gain (M.Moore).

He throws TWO picks but gets one reversed. The second gives the Lions the ball at the 49 and allows them to march down a short field to a 7-0 lead.

Turnover No. 3
1st and 10 at MIN 30 (13:42) T.Jackson pass deep middle intended for B.Wade INTERCEPTED by G.Alexander [D.White] at DET 35. G.Alexander to MIN 31 for 34 yards (A.Peterson).
This one puts the Lions at our 31 ... and gives them a really short field again. Shortly there after ... the Lions were in the end zone with a 17-7 lead.

All of those turnovers were crucial and arguably led to at least a 17 point swing in a game we lost in OT.

And of course ... in the biggest game of the year ... T-Jack made a couple of major mistakes against the Redskins in the dome.

On our second play from scrimmage:
2nd and 8 at MIN 39 (13:15) T.Jackson pass deep left intended for R.Ferguson INTERCEPTED by F.Smoot [R.Godfrey] at WAS 45. F.Smoot to MIN 8 for 47 yards (J.Kleinsasser).

Of course only five plays later this was a TD!, but it was reversed! and then we gave up a safety ... all precipitated by this interception.

And then in the second quarter:
2nd and 8 at MIN 22 (8:03) (Shotgun) T.Jackson pass intended for B.Wade INTERCEPTED by S.Springs [C.Griffin] at MIN 34. S.Springs to MIN 32 for 2 yards (B.Wade).

Two plays later it was 16-0 and the Vikes were shellshocked. They never recovered ... and went from playoffs to sitting at home in a matter of two quarters.

These are BIG mistakes made by a young QB. He does have to avoid these in order for us to win a few more games. Both of those games were seriously hurt by his play ... if we win those two games we obviously are in the playoffs ... so he needs to step it up this year. I actually happen to be one of those who thinks he will.
you brought up the guys 4th career start and he still had us in a position to win the game, while bollinger came in and in 3 plays fumbled and we lost.
my point is mistakes are gonna be made by all qbs, it's how they bounce back and how the rest of the team responds also.
as you've seen on other teams when an offense or qb is killing the team you start to get the feeling of mutiny.
i have yet to get that from the vikings and i think as the season went on you saw more and more confidence being given to tjack from the coaches and the players.

its just as i've been saying now for a year, you have to be somewhat patient.
i've been reading way too much about tjack from before he even made his 3rd start in the nfl that they guy is garbage.
what is it that everyone else has saw that makes him garbage compared to any of the other qbs that were in his draft class. i could see if you all these qbs made all these strides and tjack looks miles behind, but he seems in line and in my opinion ahead of alot of the class.
including guys drafted much higher.
my feeling has always been, what does everyone expect?
too me he is coming along and hopefully that goes in stride to how the whole team is coming along.
on paper this is the most talent we've had on the team in a long time so hopefully it all comes together.
the idea that tjack is a question mark is obviously fair, but i haven't heard much in the posts about that, as much as i've heard the guy needs to be replaced by anyone and everyone.
if that is wrong than maybe i'm not reading these things correctly