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    Wilfs looking in LA

    Wilfs are looking for land in LA.

    For a new stadium?
    Just like he did here?

    Should this worry us?

    Should MN taxpayers get off their butts and quit being so damned Minnesotan:
    deny, then cry, then demand a replacement team?

    Its possible its for another deal, but when sources say he is looking for land in the same breath as he sees how he got screwed by legislators and ill-informed yappers in the tax base, its hard to see it differently!

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    Re: Wilfs looking in LA

    This should scare us. It scares me. If the people of Minnesota care about their football team they need to stand up to their representatives and say so.

    At this point it's either us or the Saints that are moving. I just hope the Saints get up and move first.

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    Re: Wilfs looking in LA

    Come on Minnesota...STEP UP!

    As a lifelong Vikings fan living in California, I would HATE to see the Vikes move to my homestate! Yes, it would give me the ability to see every home game.... but the thought of OBNOXIOUS Laker, Raiduh, and Dodger bandwagon fans wearing purple jerseys before they even learn to speak the language kills me!

    I would much rather watch every game on Directv, go to any West coast games (I have watched them play in Seattle, SF, Oakland, LA (remember when the Rams were here), San Diego, and Phoenix.... and go back to Minnesota every couple of years to watch a home game in person....

    Just my 2.5 cents worth!
    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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    Re: Wilfs looking in LA

    This is bad. The Vikes can't play anywhere else!

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    Re: Wilfs looking in LA

    He is a developer people, is he not able to do what he does best in a state other than minnesota now? I do agree the state needs to hurry with the stadium deal, but the team is not going anywhere. The NFL would rather have an expansion team in LA, it will bring much more money to the NFL.
    You republican whore!

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    Re: Wilfs looking in LA

    I have been worried about this for a while. Wilf has already shown that he doesn't play games and is willing to spend the money. He offers $1B of his own money and MN still didn't approve the stadium. There has never been an owner of any sports team in the history of the world willing to put up $1B of their own money for a stadium.

    He is out to make the Vikings a top-notch team, and, unfortunately, his ties to MN are nonexistent. The best case scenario is that he is giving the state a wake-up call. We all know the worst case scenario.

    This is a legitimate concern.

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    Re: Wilfs looking in LA

    I was going to say, Zygi still runs a multi-billion dollar real estate business. I'd be pretty sure that a new stadium and retail complex for the Vikes isn't the only thing on his company's agenda right now.

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    Re: Wilfs looking in LA

    Being an out of stater it would bother me if they moved. Right now I live in Tucson Arizona so it would be close for me but that doesn't matter. I am soon moving back to South Florida where I can go see the Dolphins play but I like the Vikings in MN where they belong. I get Directv so I can always watch their games.

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    Re: Wilfs looking in LA

    He had better be looking at land in LA to build a studio to produce all those Vikings Super Bowl videos that we will be making in the next few years!!!

    Anything else and we are gonna have to open some cans of whupa$$ on him and his brother!!! :evil4:

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    Re: Wilfs looking in LA

    I would think that Wilf's bargaining position would be greatly enhanced by having a definite alternative that he can point to. I'd like to think the the team would be moved only as a last resort. The ticket buying fan base in MN is known, whereas it's uncertain elsewhere. I would expect that this would be an incentive for Wilf to keep the team in MN. He is likely exploring his options to make it clear to the county and state governments that they should be offering him incentives to stay.

    This is business, afterall.

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