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    Re: Wilf says Tice will stay coach

    "jaymz7" wrote:
    You know Ziggy has some man love for Fassel ever since he was head coach of the Giants. Could it be possible that they may try and get him. I could see him bringing Fassel in as a coordinator and giving TIce a chance. If Tice still can't win then Ziggy has his favorite coach in place to replace Tice.

    I wouldn't mind Fassel as OC, but not HC. Whoever they hire as OC must be primarily concerned with putting Daunte in a position to drastically reduce his mistakes. Pep has to feel comfortable in the system, otherwise we'll be in for the same problems as this year.
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    Re: Wilf says Tice will stay coach

    Del Rio said:

    I think we will see ol foge take over the defensive headset. I think Tice could do a good job if he actually got some cordinators in there that could carry his dead weight around.

    I mean obviously he isn't a leader. He doesn't take control, he holds meetings and cries. If he sticks around as a friendly placeholder he needs some serious talent at the cord. positions to cover up his inabilities to coach, to control, and to inspire focus.

    Wha? Whaddya talkin' 'bout, Del Rio? I dunno what you're basin' dis no leadah stuff about Mikey on. If youse mugs remember, Tice blasted da Vikes in da locker room in da foist Packer game, and dey came out an' took da game away from does bums! He also took closer looks at dat defense after the Carolina game, and da defense gelled a liddle bedda dan before. Plus, Pat Williams said dat da Vikes NEED Mikey, not want 'im as coach. He ain't no Brainiac, maybe, but I tink he's a foist class leadah of men. When da goof expoits and wridas said da Vikes were all trough and over wit', he kept 'em tagedda and helped get dem onna good win streak, 'cause he believed in 'em, when no one else did, y'know? And, some of dose goof expoits actually believed Mikey might make a good coach udda year candid.... canin.... dey tought he would make coach udda year!

    So, youse mugs can cut Mikey down all ya want, call him a meathead and udda tings, but I tink if youse call him a lousy leadah, youse is all wet, y'know?
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    Re: Wilf says Tice will stay coach

    I think we need to bring in atleast 1 of these coaches for ANY position.. We just need an upgrade somewhere.. Get Loney out of the OC job..


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