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    Wilf’s priorities hurt team

    [size=18px]Owner’s priorities hurt team[/size]

    Mike McFeely, The Forum
    Published Thursday, May 04, 2006

    At least the Minnesota Vikings are in the running for a new stadium, meaning Zygi Wilf is still in the running to reap a gargantuan windfall.

    And those new uniforms sure are sweet (and yours for only $74.99 plus shipping at

    Are those good enough consolation prizes for you, loyal fans of the Purple? Because the way things are going at Winter Park, things are not exactly aligning for a Super Bowl run.

    Unless you consider the firing of a personnel director three days after his first draft to be the ultimate sign of competence.

    The news Wednesday was that the Vikings canned Fran Foley, the personnel maharishi who may or may not have actually been named Fran Foley and may or may not actually have been a personnel maharishi. The Vikings, a franchise that once helped rehabilitate the career of the deposed George O’Leary, now find themselves at the wrong end altogether of the phony resume pipeline.

    Foley, it’s said, also possesses a personality just this side of Baby Doc Duvalier.

    Oh, and there was the minor matter of Foley making a mess of last weekend’s draft, too.

    We can’t say we saw this level of buffoonery coming from the new Vikings’ regime – Foley’s era was eight months shorter than Les Steckel’s memorable stint as head coach – but the signs were there that Wilf’s much-ballyhooed remake of the front office wouldn’t cause other NFL franchises to reinvent their wheels.

    Foley had never before possessed anything close to the power he was granted by the Vikings. Despite a level of arrogance that would be over the top for Vince Lombardi, Brad Childress has never been a head coach. Contract wonk Rob Brzezinski is a numbers cruncher. Legal counsel Brad Warren is, well, just that.

    Add Childress’ practice of hiring assistant coaches with little or no NFL experience and what you get is a professional football organization full of amateurs.

    This mess is on Wilf.

    Since buying the Vikings, his No. 1 priority has been to secure a new stadium in Anoka County using buckets of public money.

    That his Nos. 2-31 priorities are also to have the taxpayers of Minnesota largely finance a new stadium is not a good sign for the Vikings faithful.

    Wilf’s professionalism has shined in his area of expertise – land development.

    Building a winning team has been left to a group with no such expertise – the properly mocked Triangle of Authority, which has now been reduced to a Point A to Point B straight line with the removal of Point C.

    Red McCombs became a despised figure for his obsession with a new stadium and an unwillingness to finance a championship-caliber franchise.

    Wilf has so far enjoyed a honeymoon, based mainly on these two facts: He is not McCombs and he has spent big money on free agents.

    His top goal, however, is not at all different than Red’s – get a new stadium and turn a profit that would make an oil-company executive blush.

    The football side apparently has suffered for it.

    And so too, perhaps, will all those Vikings fans wearing their spiffy new jerseys.

    Forum sports columnist Mike McFeely can be heard on Tee It Up, Saturday 10 a.m. to noon on WDAY-AM (970). He can be reached at (701) 241-5580 or [email protected]

    Owner’s priorities hurt team

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Wilf’s priorities hurt team

    You can't go wrong with the good old negative press. Then you know you're a Vikings fan.

    We love this, keep it coming.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Wilf’s priorities hurt team

    I sure HOPE that it ain't true!!! BUT that is why I voted that I would "reserve judgment" on Wilf when we were asked about him in someone's long-forgotten poll here on PP.O...the onus is still on you, Wilfie!

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    Re: Wilf’s priorities hurt team

    Minnesota media....Hmmmmmm
    If Wilf hadn't canned Foley, they would be crying for his head.It never ends with those dumbasses
    The Vikings just can't win in Minnesota,no matter what they do.

    I'm not defending anyone here...just telling it like it is.

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    Re: Wilf’s priorities hurt team

    This is on Wilf and probably Brad.

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    Re: Wilf’s priorities hurt team

    I'm still waiting to see how things turn out. I'm not giving him a free pass. But I take exception to the idea that he's getting taxpayers to build a stadium FOR him. Has there been any other owner in recent history who's offered to pay for as much of a new stadium as Wilf has?

    "This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff."

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    Re: Wilf’s priorities hurt team

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    This is on Wilf and probably Brad.
    Yeah, It really looks bad on the outside looking in. When you think about all the things that have happened since Wilf became owner, it's been a real mess... and it's only been a year.
    [size=11pt]"The only thing better than food & football is maybe Brett Favre."


    -John Madden on Thanksgiving while on "Mike & Mike In The Morning"

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    Re: Wilf’s priorities hurt team

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    This is on Wilf and probably Brad.
    Nope...........It's Bush's fault!!!

    I had to come back with a bang!

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    Re: Wilf’s priorities hurt team

    The article would come off a lot better without all the negativity. But in truth, the facts are a bit negative. I am not sick of the truth, just the sarcastic attempts at humor. It gets really old.

    This is on Zygi, "I will do it my way, I will hire NEWBS, I will get the Stadium at all costs," Wilf. It isn't that these things are necessarily bad, it is it doesn't seem to be working.

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    Re: Wilf’s priorities hurt team

    With the things that have taken place over the past year, and trying to fall back on Wilf's word, I see his word isnt worth much. With that said, I can see our team leaving and finding a new home in LA.

    With the comments made by Aaanold and him wanting two teams, I see the Vikings being one of them.

    Hopefully I am wrong. Love the Vikings and always will. But something tells me that Wilf isnt going to keep his word on keeping the Vikings here.

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