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    Re: Wilf prefers outdoor stadium!

    I hear that he likes outdoor plumbing too! LOL

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    Re: Wilf prefers outdoor stadium!

    I'm thinking Zygi Wilf is a smart man and he is planting this idea of an "open-air stadium" in our heads so he can eventually get us the new retractable roof/dome stadium we so desperately need.

    He knows already that it is going to be tough getting a new stadium built for the Vikings, especially one that cost more than it could. So, he is advocating an open-air now so eventually Minnesota will realize that a roof needs to be included and he can get more money from the state.

    Just a thought.
    Go Vikings!

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    Re: Wilf prefers outdoor stadium!

    "SKOL" wrote:
    I wonder how many high profile free agents we'll attract (or lose) if we had an open air stadium. I doubt if too many of them would want to come here if they have to play in the few games per year when it's frigid.
    UMMMMMMMM, yeah if it was pre-free agency like in the 70s but with the amount of money being waived in the players faces today, I doubt seriously having an outdoor venue would diminish their decision to sign to play for the Vikings! Remember the color of money is GREEN and in today's pro leagues that is the driving force for everyone involved! Players would sign just so long as the money was good! As for me, I will just be so grateful to see the Vikings playing in a new stadium that actually looks like a football stadium instead of an oversized OUTHOUSE! DUMP THE DOME!!!

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