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Thread: Wilf gets "it"

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    Wilf gets "it"

    Found this on another site

    Saw this on

    Since Zygmunt Wilf became the primary owner of the Vikings, it has become apparent over the last year that he is not a carpet bagging opportunist that sees the Vikings solely as a money making scheme, or an absentee owner who looks at his team as a status symbol, or a hands-on neophyte that would show up at the combine in black socks and a stopwatch around his neck. No, Zygmunt Wilf is none of that. With his alumni program, the commitment to the future and to winning, and now the unveiling of the stadium and the Hall of Fame that he’s going to call “Valhalla”, Wilf has connected with the Vikings fan, and it’s become apparent that he has grasped the psyche of the Vikings fan in a short time, and that he “gets it”.

    Well what, exactly, is “it”? I know what it’s not, and that is something you can buy on E-bay. Nor is “It” something that can be explained to a casual Vikings fan, or someone who isn’t a football fan and lives outside the state of Minnesota.

    “It” is being part of a community, and understanding that he is a steward of a state institution that has been around long before he came on the scene and will be here long after he has departed.

    “It” is an understanding that the only thing that remains constant is the support of the fans, you and me, and it is through our passion, memories, and stories that new Viking fans are born. Without the organization giving something back, in ways that must be defined other than on the field, there are no fans.

    “It” is sharing in the joy of Joe Kapp willing the “40 for 60” 1969 team to the NFL championship. “It” is Chuck Foreman taking a swing pass and turning it into 25 yards of ballet on a gridiron, Alan Page destroying a play before it starts, or Carl Eller burying a quarterback. “It” is the Kramer to Rashad Hail Mary to win the NFC Central in 1980, Anthony Carter shredding San Francisco in 1987, and Randall Cunningham to Randy Moss shredding the NFL in 1998. “It” is Bud Grant standing stoically on the sideline, his team impervious to the elements while the opponent huddles near portable heaters, fighting the cold as much as the fought the Vikings. “It” is also the deafening sound of a revved up Metrodome crowd.

    “It” is sharing the grief of “65 Toss Power Trap”, Larry Csonka and Franco Harris running wild in Super Bowls VIII and IX, and Willie Brown ending the competitive phase of Super Bowl XI. “It” is Drew Pearson pushing off of Nate Wright, and Darrin Nelson dropping the tying touchdown pass in the 1987 NFC championship as time expired. “It” is Gary Anderson going wide left, and the Meadowlands Massacre.

    And tragically, “It” is also Korey Stringer.

    “It” is also knowing that if he gets us back to the Super Bowl, they can’t fail. We’ll be expecting it, as we are a pessimistic folk when it comes to the Vikings and the Super Bowl, so he also has to know that “It” will be to reassure us and let us know that he’ll get us to the Promised Land.

    “It” is repairing the collective psyche of a fan base that has been driven past the point of exasperation with the Gang of 10 and Mike Lynn and his Herschel trade. “It” is repairing the damage of Roger Headrick and Denny Green, who couldn’t spell defense if you gave him the d-e-f-e-n-s.

    “It” is the soothing words and calm actions of someone who actually seems to know what the hell he’s doing, as opposed to a maniacal Texan who screamed “Purple Pride!” and then headed off to Texas, all the while scheming to move to Los Angeles.

    “It”, I guess, is the history and future of the Minnesota Vikings all wrapped into one, a team that for whatever reason, we follow, cheer for, and love like a close relative. And we always will.

    Wilf understands that, like no one who has owned the Vikings, save for maybe Max Winter when he first started out, has ever understood.

    And most importantly, he not only understands that, he embraces “It”, and that is what will bring a championship to Minnesota

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    Re: Wilf gets "it"

    Wow, thats really old. Feb 20. ight=carpet

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    Re: Wilf gets "it"

    "It" must be a crack pipe..... Wilf is a total idiot thus far..... The only saving grace left is he isn't Red McCheap..... not much of an improvement so far..... whew..... :evil:
    it's tarv time............

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    Re: Wilf gets "it"

    "vIker44" wrote:
    "It" must be a crack pipe..... Wilf is a total idiot thus far..... The only saving grace left is he isn't Red McCheap..... not much of an improvement so far..... whew..... :evil:
    explain one thing to do you make an assessment on whether or not we have improved, when we havent played a down of football yet this season?..just wondering
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