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    Wild Card Watch.........

    The win over the lowly lions keeps the Vikings very much in the race for a Wild Card though many Vikings fans have already quit on the team and are actually rooting against them for various unfounded reasons….
    Those of us still hoping for a turnaround will be doing some more scoreboard watching this week:

    New Jerk jets at Vikings (Vikings win)

    San Fran Neeners (5-8) at Seahicks (8-5) (need seattle win)
    Cowpies (8-5) at Failcons (7-6) (cowpies are falling apart so it could be a pick-em)
    duh lions (2-11) at duh pack (5-8)
    (need a loud lion meow)
    Spittsburg at Panters (6-7)
    (need to borrow the steel curtain for one week)
    bEagles (7-6) at gi-aints (7-6) (pick em)
    St. Screwy (5-8) at jOakland
    (Moss wins one for his old team)
    it's tarv time............

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    Re: Wild Card Watch.........

    Already have a five page thread on this subject...

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    Re: Wild Card Watch.........

    You definitely want to root for the Cowboys to beat the Falcons.
    Falcons aren't likely to win the NFC South, so they are in direct competition with the Vikes for a wild card spot.

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