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    Wigs #11 out of 15 TE's: link

    note this more of a fantasy scoring aspect and doesn't account for blocking.

    I personally think Wiggins should higher than 11 but you be the judge.
    I'd be disappointed if Wiggins doesn't get 60+ catches and 7+ TD's for the season.

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    Re: Wigs #11 out of 15 TE's: link

    LJ smith should not be ranked higher then wiggins, I'm sorry but hes jack sh1t compared to Wiggy...But all the ones in front of wiggins are good and its a tough to argue wiggy over em

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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    Re: Wigs #11 out of 15 TE's: link

    ever since ricky williams came back, the whole nfl is on straight CRACK,

    lj smith over wiggins ur KILLING Me, and y is heap 4th, shockey is 4th IMO. mannings fav target is shockey so anything cud happen


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