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    Wiggins anorexic?

    Vikings | Wiggins slims down some
    Sun, 28 May 2006 17:07:12 -0700 reports Minnesota Vikings TE Jermaine Wiggins, who was listed at 6-2, 260 pounds last season, was noticeably thinner at the Vikings' second minicamp earlier this month. Head coach Brad Childress had told a group of players he wanted them to lose weight after the first minicamp. "That's nobody's business but ours," Childress said when asked who lost the most weight.

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    Re: Wiggins anorexic?

    Sound to me like he followed the coach's instructions. He will be faster.
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    Re: Wiggins anorexic?

    Hope that will speed him up, I always thought he looked a little slow.

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    Re: Wiggins anorexic?

    a fast wiggins is a dangerous wiggins. he's already a good recieving TE as it is, if he were faster who knows, mabye he can rank up there with Tony Gonzales and Antonio Gates.

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    Re: Wiggins anorexic?

    my favorite wiggins moment was against greenbay when some packer went tin to tackle him and wig hurdled right over top of him. if he can do that as a fat man imagine what hell do as a fast one.
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    Re: Wiggins anorexic?

    yeah me too oh wait.... Wiggins hurdles over some one damn near every game lol
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    Re: Wiggins anorexic?

    I may be wrong but I like the fat Wiggins, I just think he cool showing that you dont have to be amazingly in shape like Vernon Davis to play TE

    I hope he has a more productive year thought, we need it!

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    Re: Wiggins anorexic?

    Being in shape is always a good thing. I think this really shows what coach Childress has emphasized so far. Like he said, "Being in shape and working hard are things that don't require talent, so everybody on this team should at least be that far along."

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    Re: Wiggins anorexic?

    I wonder if he told Phat Pat to lose some weight.

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    Re: Wiggins anorexic?

    he was probably to scared to tell fat pat

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