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    Re: Wide Recievers???

    Travis Taylors 6 catches for 86 yards against the Bears D in a tight game was impressive. I don't know what this guy is talking about. If Childress thought these guys would not fit, he would have released them. We had the Cap room for a WR, but coach believes in these guys.

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    Re: Wide Recievers???

    "theman" wrote:
    What the heck?
    Ummm...ya sure.
    Activate a practice squad guy for something as important as kick returns.
    Maybeeee.......1 pass next game as a trial.....he catches it, another pass, catches that and makes yardage....ThEn On ThE TeAm!!!
    seriously, do you not even really follow the vikings?

    you didnt know who mcmullen or mann were, heres what you need to know:

    mcmullen, like what he was in philly, is a reliable option over the middle or often in slants on 3rd down plays, in his career theres been one time he did not come up with the first when thrown to on 3rd down; far from a star player, but does exactly what he is asked to

    mann: before his signing from seatle's practice squad, it was between the likes of pinner, whitaker, and williamson for our kick returners.
    with williamson taking on the role of #1 reciever, and lack of depth (due in large part from injury, with edwards/fason/etc out) in both CB & RB, we needed to start someone at KR that we can "spare" if you will.
    Maurice will fill in nicely as that man (no pun intended)

    robinson: no he hasnt been used well this year, but im sick of saying this, he was injured for part of the carolina game and sat our vs the bears.
    he will be used more affectively soon, he is always a big target in the redzone

    t. taylor: he's drop a few passes this year, but last year was very reliable, and look for him to return to that form, while he was a wash up in baltimore, he played well here last year, he's a good possession reciever

    t. williamson: we all know about the speed factor, but if you havnt noticed this year he's become a much more physical player, often breaking tackles at the line for 5-10+ more yards, even after losing his helmet in week 1.
    after dropping those passes vs. the redskins (understandably so in front of 90,000+ fans on 9/11), he's played much more reliablely, he'll do well as our #1.

    carter is a future stud.

    so theres no huge moss/TO type player, but we have the weapons, you'll see them get it done

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Wide Recievers???

    This was TB04512's first post subject!! congrats man

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    Re: Wide Recievers???

    "SharperImage" wrote:
    This was TB04512's first post subject!! congrats man
    haha thanks for finding it

    Thanks josdin00

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