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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mac D View Post
    I disagree with a few points in your post, but mostly wanted to mention something about the highlighted sentence above... our coaching staff cannot evaluate talent. It is something that has plagued us since the Childress regime and it still haunts us today (considering our coaching staff is just leftovers from that regime anyways...)

    If, as you say, Frazier was responsible for starting Henderson over Cole, who was also cut mid-season, then he is completely incapable of evaluating talent during practice and preseason. Cole didn't just step into the MLB position and MIRACULOUSLY become a good linebacker, he's simply a very good linebacker that got overlooked because of his age and perceived lack of experience... it obviously had nothing to do with his talent on the field. It couldn't have.

    It's similar to what's going on with Patterson... our staff simply refused to get these players involved until recently, blaming the players for "not knowing the playbook." In reality, it is our coach's complete lack of ingenuity and imagination to be able to get these guys involved on the field. (similar to when Childress was starting Bobby Wade and Bernard Berrian over Sydney Rice, until Favre came in during the 2009 season and had the conversation with Childress on the sideline during a mic'ed up segment. He told Childress that no one can cover Sidney Rice... Childress responded with "You've always said that." to which Favre flat-out said, "Maybe now you'll listen to me." Rice went on to have 1,300 yards and 8 TDs.)

    For whatever reason, our coaches either don't like getting young talent involved in the game plan or they simply aren't intelligent enough to adapt their gameplan to the talent on their roster... either way, it's hurt the team for the past 7 years.
    I see we are in agreement, these are Frazier's issues, not Spilemans. Our coaches have a lot of issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tastywaves View Post
    I would add stability and a firm belief in an identity by the FO on top of that. In our case, at this moment, the best chance we have at that is with Spielman. The bigger picture items really should be his and if we continue to fail, then he should be let go and another GM brought in.

    The current coaching staff were not Spielman's hires. The most recent draft picks and FA signings are his and he has brought in some good talent. Talent is useless without good coaches. Can Spielman bring in the right coaches and will the Wilf's allow him to do it. This offseason would be a good time to give him a shot at it.

    But, I do agree that good teams find value in any draft regardless of where they pick. Picking early, really just equates to one more quality pick than those picking at the end of the first round. Those that continue to pick early in the draft are about as competent at picking players in the draft as we are. Then there's Jerry....
    I would agree we should retain Spielman, he has had a big part to do with the young talent this team has. But not a QB yet. We have to loose out and get "THE GUY" at QB. Face it if we had Drew,Tom, or Payton winning meaningless games would not matter. We are so close,let it go,the future should be bright.
    Let him find all new coaches and if we have the same results he is out next year,
    Go ahead back up your to close away.

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