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Thread: Why Preseason??

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    Why Preseason??

    This is the first preseason I am following.. and I am sort of finding it hard to fathom...

    1. I was really expecting to see our defense come together and see how our wide receivers performed together and all that.. but was surprised to see that they got very little playing time... why?? It was nice to see a lot of second - third stringers step up.. but then isnt preseason meant to be kind of a warm up for the season??? shouldnt the guys who will end up playing 16 weeks play together and gell? I read some reports bashing the bears for keeping Rex on in the second quarter.. but isnt that supposed to be the point of preseason??? for him to get omfortable running the offense in real game situations???

    2. Another very disconcerting thing is... i was reading in another thread saying memo's performance shouldnt be taken too serious coz it was just a handful of carries... well. then why is he restricted to just a handful of carries???? we are trying to figure out whether bennet or memo should start.. so shouldnt we give them both enough chances to prove themselves.. defenitely it would be better to do it now than to wait till the season starts!!

    3. And why does everyone get so scared of injuries in preseason??? is that because players arent in shape??? i mean bennet didnt do much in the game.. so shouldnt he be made to run more to prove himself.... if we are afraid he is gonna get injured in 4 games.. surely.. we wont be happy trusting him to stay healthy for 16 games.... and isnt everyone supposed to be in shape after taking their conditioning tests and all that stuff in training camp?

    well.. im jus new to this whole thing and am surprised about how everyone seems scared of injuries and abstains from games.. if injuries were such a big concern.. we will be better of playing jus 1-2 games and with first teamers.. wudnt we???

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    Re: Why Preseason??

    Well when you look at it, 4 games is one fourth of the reg season. Why risk injuries for games that dont count on record??? You want starters in there for some snaps to get used to playing, but not more than 1 quarter. The coaches evaluate position rankings in practice mostly and get a look in pre-season also...

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