"VikingsTw" wrote:
Yup Allison is another guy, he gets more seperation than any WR on our roster, simply put. He's a deep threat and somebody that can give you a boost downfield yet we're unable to get him involved in that. I thought once Frerotte became QB we would see more because they did so well in Pre-Season.

Alot of people don't like our WR's but I do.
its another case though where we just dont know.
they have made a concerted effort in my mind to get berrian involved and he hasnt exactly stepped up but you see there are some plays there.
but we have to keep in mind that no wr has had one really sick day since childress is here.
these things can not keep on being coincidences.
even the crappiest of teams and offenses get a fluke day where their qb throws for 300 yards or a wr has a 100.
some how we havent in 2 years and 4 games.
i never feel like we are creating mismatches.
it has been and still seems like we are just running our offense and hoping we are just better than the other team.
thats it.