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    Quote Originally Posted by tastywaves View Post
    QB and corner should be at the top in terms of need. DT is right up there as well, especially if KW isn't resigned.

    Others: replacement for Toby if he leaves (later round pick), LG, DE if JA leaves if not to start than for depth.

    I would not expect 2-4 LB's. Maybe one, but if not in the first few rounds then he just gets added to the stable of development LB's already on the roster.
    I, for one would be open to signing Cutler if he came at the right price.
    That would allow us to get QB, DT and CB off our plates.
    Cutler, Nix, and 2nd round CB looks better to me than
    Carr, 2nd round CB and questionable DT prospect.

    We also need another WR.
    Joe Webb is not the answer,

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    Stats say we should go defense. We are currently 31st in total defense, and 14th in total offense.

    However I think we will take a QB in the first round. The team has invested too much into Peterson and signing Jennings, plus the emergence of Patterson to continue to have a sub-par QB under center.

    I think we will have a top 5 pick, and will pick the best available QB again...... let's hope they pan out better than Ponder did.
    Go Vikings!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoVikesTX View Post
    Stats say we should go defense. We are currently 31st in total defense, and 14th in total offense.
    That would be total offense, with AD & Cassel figured in.

    Stats say Ponder is worse than 31st in QBR, TD's thrown, fewest INT's thown, sacks, Avg yards/pass & passing yards.

    We need a new starting QB. We should be able to grab a decent defensive player or 2 in FA & draft another or 2.
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    In terms of points allowed and yards allowed, the 2013 Vikings defense may be the worst Vikings defense of all time. Now, depending on what happens in free agency, you are going to lose Jared Allen, Everson Griffen, and Kevin Williams. Chris Cook, while not the worst CB in the NFL, has been a bust with zero takeaways in his Viking career. All of the other CBs except Rhodes are liabilities in coverage. Fixing the defense should be priority #1. Don't forget as bad as Ponder has been, etc., the defense has essentially lost four games this season by giving up a TD in the final minute (and you might argue the defense caused the tie vs GB).

    Not saying the Vikes don't need major improvement at the QB position as well, just not convinced that any of the QBs coming out are really franchise type guys worthy of being taken in the top 10 picks. Should be a much better defensive player available in the 1st, and with the QB class being fairly deep, waiting until the 2nd or 3rd round should still get us one of the higher rated guys (still a crapshoot, but heck, I think Bridgewater, Manziel, Carr etc. are all crapshoots as well). Wouldn't be at all surprised to see a guy like McCarron or Boyd last into the 3rd round, as well as several others.

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