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    The interesting thing about the article is that it talks about the players but it doesn't mention whether or not we have the coaching to take us to the playoffs. That is the big question in my mind.


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    I like my purple shades. I think we will be much improved.

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    Here's a dose of reality for us:

    Fox Sports North

    Pretty solid points/concerns. We'd love to see some young continuity growing along our OL, but the RG spot is wide open and I'm pretty sure Loadholt is in his contract year. IF he steps up enough to earn another contract here we may be looking good, otherwise we may be looking at the same unsettled right side next season.

    While I agree we could still use an upgrade at DT, throwing out, "it didn't work last year" as a blanket statement doesn't sit well with registering the most sacks in the NFL! Yeah, run D took a step back, but the pass rush isn't that bad.

    Yup. Definitely gambling at LB. Nothing but late picks, UDFAs, and Canadiens behind the starters...and Brinkley coming off major injury! D'oh!! Hopefully, the starters stay healthy, and Erin improves to the point where he can take over MLB on 3rd/passing downs!

    Pretty obvious we're looking to improve returns and take Harvin away from that a bit more...we signed or drafted like half a dozen guys with return skillz.

    Finally! We did something about Safety!! Tho you know there will be rookie mistakes, Smith and Sanford already seems better than what we had, and I think Blanton might develop into a pretty good option back there too.

    So much of a season depends on health. IF Aaron Rodgers gets hurt early, how much do you think the Packers chances change!? If our secondary is missing three players again, what chance do we have? The year we made it to the NFC championship, we had almost the entire team healthy going into the playoffs...until we played those dirty nasty Taints that is!

    So basically, who knows! A couple of tough runs on injuries on our division rivals and a bit of luck and positive development for our young team, and poof maybe we do make the playoffs...wierder things have happened!
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    Playoffs is most definitely over-optimistic, but there at least reasons to expect some real improvement.

    Of course, at this time of year, everyone thinks they're better than they were last year. Some are bound to be wrong.

    I look at it this way. I think we were better than our record showed last year, and will improve significantly in record this year. But, where we end up has a lot more to do with our opposition than it does with us. There are a lot of really strong teams out there right now, especially in the NFC. Our division is loaded, plus there will be plenty of challenges from the East and South, not to mention the 'Niners out West.

    There just isn't room for us right now, unless several other teams fall apart. It would take a minimum 10-6 finish to even sniff at a playoff berth this year, and we may see one or two 11-5 (or even better) wildcard teams.

    We are not likely to be one of them. I'd be ecstatic with a .500 finish this year, but I doubt we will even make that. Not because we aren't good, but because too many other teams are at least as good if not better.

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