"Prophet" wrote:
"July" wrote:
If you wonder why we want things now just look at the falcons or dolphins.
There is little debate that a team can win after one 1 year and yet our team repeatedly settles for mediocrity.
I like our core team but we are missing a few key factors that will set us up for a team that will maintain over a period, such as a QB.
While we did go 10-6 we didn't win all those games in correct manner.
I want a solid football team on the field and until we get a QB and a coach thats calls arent madden predictable, we will never make it out of the first round of the playoffs.
...and last year at this time you were saying that the Vikings were never going to make it to the playoffs.
I wonder what one would find if one were to do a search of who stated we need to get rid of the Chiller if he didn't get them to the playoffs and are now setting the bar a bit higher, say the NFC Championship or he is fired......

Place cracks me up at times..... ;D