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Thread: Why the Giants

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    Re: Why the Giants

    good optimism Skol, i still think we will not beat them but that is only because i will not put my hopes up this year though i think we "can" beat them they always seem to have something on us
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    Re: Why the Giants

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "Vikes" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    OMG! I cannot believe that I have to explain this again! Do some of you watch football? Do some of you know what is going on in the league? Come on!

    [size=18px]Every team uses the exact same formula to determine who their opponents are.[/size]

    I have posted this so many times before:

    The NFL season schedule formula is the same for every team.

    6 Games Division opponents
    4 Games vs AFC (we play the AFC North this year)(rotate each year)
    4 Games NFC Division (NFC South, rotate each year)
    2 Games vs remaining 2 NFC Division teams that held the same spot in their Division as us. (Giants and St. Louis, both finished in 2nd)

    So, the NFL does not sit and figure out good matchups. We played the Giants this year because we rotated to the NFC East. In '05, we play them because we both finshed in 2nd place in our Divisions.
    First don't type angry hehe! Second sorry I might have missed it reading the other 10,000 messages on this board! Third the word must not be getting out since Tice said after the last Giant beating. The good news is we don't have them next year.
    Relax! Did I specifically mention your name?
    Sounds good!

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    Re: Why the Giants

    haha at least we dont play them our 7th game of the season again this year so if we start out 6-0 no giants till a few games later

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    Re: Why the Giants

    We are actually 10-10-0 against the Giants at this point in history.

    A win would mean that we beat them more than they have ever beaten us...

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