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    Why Freeman's Being Paid $2 Mil To Be The 3rd-String QB

    Why The Vikings Are Paying Josh Freeman $2 Million To Be The Third-String Quarterback

    Why The Vikings Are Paying Josh Freeman $2 Million To Be The Third-String Quarterback -

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    I got news for Frazier. His training camp didn't help any of our QB's.


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    I thought they could get a compensatory pick if he leaves via free agency, but I could be wrong. Also I think they are evaluating him to see if he can put in the work off the field and become a leader.

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    Hardly gives me a warm fuzzy.
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    The last thing other teams remember about Freeman is that he is not a leader and he had a horrible game vs the Giants. What other team is going to negotiate with him?

    I hope that he is doing well in practice and we are holding him. He is not taking reps away from the guys that are starting. The starters have a chance to increase their stock. We are setting up for the upcoming draft.

    I can't remember who said it, someone in the front office, but they said it was money to burn to secure a NFL starting QB. This gives them time to evaluate Freeman as a person and a QB. I am not upset with this move. It is money spent, it pays off if he is able to get back to his old form.

    It was interesting in this article to see them talking about working on his drop and mechanics. I mentioned that in a post after the Giants game that his mechanics were off. He was hitting the WRs but was consistently high which caused incompletions. We will see if he can get it back and work within our system.

    I would put money on it that he is our QB next season.


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