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    Why was Edwards inactive?

    Anyone happen to know why the guy was inactive for the game? we were already slim at DE since Scott was hurting and Edwards seemed to be holding his own pretty well as a rookie and was pretty much the only one aside from Scott and the Williams boys getting pressure, was this is discipline thing...I can't find anything on it.

    Note: For the record (I know, pointing the finger is the last thing we need but, if your going to do it atleast get it right) it was Leber and Sharper who were beat on the 82 yd TD, not Whitaker and Smith like I keep seeing, at that point and time we were in the Cover 2 so Winfield was up playing the flats and Driver caught Leber out of position and Sharper was trying to come over from the side but was late so...that was the end result.

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    Re: Why was Edwards inactive?

    But with veteran defensive end Darrion Scott nursing an ankle injury, the Vikings made rookie defensive end Ray Edwards a surprise inactive Sunday. Edwards, who was expected to see significant playing time against the Packers, was in a purple warmup suit on the sideline during the game.

    Asked why he didn't play, Edwards said, "I don't want to talk about it."

    But indications are that Edwards, who may have even started Sunday, violated a team rule Saturday.

    In a separate incident, veteran safety Dwight Smith sat out the first series, with rookie Greg Blue starting in his place. Smith returned for the second series and finished with four tackles. According to a team source who wished to remain anonymous, Smith was late to a meeting Saturday.

    Smoot was benched for the opening drive against the Chicago Bears for the same reason.

    Asked why Edwards did not play, Vikings coach Brad Childress said, "That's between Ray and I."

    Childress also declined to comment on Smith being benched for the first series.

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