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    Why don't the Vikings trade for Wes Welker?

    Simple question really. Why not? He is currently on a one year contract, and while we may not be going anywhere this year, we could easily sign him to a 2-3 year extension. His value at this point is probably 5-6 million per. He could probably be attained from the Patriots nazi regime for only a 3rd or 4th rounder. Ponder needs a reliable target to catch the ball in clutch situations. I realize Percy is currently our "slot" guy, but he shouldn't be as far as I'm concerned. And he may walk. about it?

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    We already have a wes welker, his name is Percy Harvin.

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    Maybe we'll go after Welker when Harvin goes down. At the rate we're using him, he'll be broken down by week 5. He was already looking a little sore and cramped up last week.

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    Harvin is good in the slot and Simpson is back next week. No need for Welker
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    Quote Originally Posted by VKG4LFE View Post
    We already have a wes welker, his name is Percy Harvin.
    What he said.
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