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    Why Abandon the Run?

    This has probably been mentioned on other threads, but I just don't understand why we got away from the run. We were up 10-0 BECAUSE the run was effective. We ran the ball 9 of the first 10 plays. Onterrio was on fire. We put in Bennett for the third series, failed, and never went back to the run. It just doesn't make sense why we can't stick with what's working. Seattle's secondary is the strength of their team. Their DL and Linebackers are injured and porous. Why not stick with what's working and take advantage of favorable matchups? This is not meant to be negative, but I just don't understand the mentality of Linehan. There I'm done.

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    Why Abandon the Run?

    Smith - 14 for 57 yds 4yd/carry
    Bennett - 5 for 25 yds 5yd/carry

    Who knows?

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    Why Abandon the Run?

    Yes, something is truely wrong, when with the capability of our running backs, we don't even run the ball 10 times. I've mentioned this on another thread, Smith had 12 att 55 yds, in the 1st half and only gets 2 att in the second half. Last week, he was averaging over 6 yds/att, and only got 3-4 att in the 2nd half. The Vikings have made him the feature back, so why not get him 20-25 carries per game, or whoever our feature back is should get 20 att's.

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