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Thread: Why is it...

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    Re: Why is it...

    u can't be serious?

    Are you telling me if we win out and have a 11-5 record, there is a chance that we won't get in the playoffs? That can't be right. How can an 11-5 team not make it to the playoffs?

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    Re: Why is it...

    as far as big ben's thumb goes..

    his accuracy better be 150% as we have hawks in the backfield who are just DYING to snatch that ball and return it for TD's..

    ok.. the bears went down to the hard bulldozer running style.. just try that up the middle to our d line.. phat pat is gonna luv it!! ohh and for your d.. Brad is not a struggeling QB with no experience..


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: Why is it...

    Don't mind the Steeler fans they are just a bit riled up because the media finally called them out. They don't opperate well without ESPN applying baby powder to the Steelers asses.

    When we win the game do not be surprised when half of them dissapear without a word and the other half comes up with some excuse as to why they lost.

    Them talking shit is pretty funny, especially the fruit loop that was suggesting strength of schedule. While you wont hear me spouting off that we beat many great teams look at your wins.

    Titans- Wow
    Texans- Really
    Chargers by 2- Good job
    Bengals- Good for you
    Ravens- You let them put up 20 points on you WTF?
    Browns-This must be one of those really good teams in your mans div?

    LOSS Ravens- How did you fuck that one up? Oh yeah your the Steelers

    Bears-Good for you, you beat an overated team.

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