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    Re: Who's Going to the Game on Monday at TCF?

    Quote Originally Posted by "jmcdon00" #1085221
    Worked out fine though as I got there about the time they were opening the doors, and was able to cut in line a bit(really don't think anyone cared as we were not near the front). Zeus was the last one to show up(and first to leave).
    I was going to leave around 2:15-2:30, but the front-right tire on our Rendezvous blew out while coming home from picking my wife up from a 1pm meeting she had on Monday. So I didn't get out of Apple Valley until just after 3pm. Then it took me just over 2 hours to get to TCF Bank. Parked on the street at a meter that only let me put 2 hours of quarters in it, so I had an hour where I could have gotten a ticket (in the end, I didn't).

    I was lucky that Jake spotted me as I walked along the Gate D line. That was nice.

    The atmosphere was great. We also got lucky in that we were sitting on the East side of the stadium, so the suites and press box were above and behind us - that kept the wind from getting on us. Place went nuts when Favre came out - but then I noticed that AD wasn't out there, so, at that point, I knew we had no chance.

    I left with about 5 minutes to go in the 3rd because the game was over and I was worried about - 1. My car having been ticketed or towed and - 2. the drive home. Turned out that the roads were fairly clear (given the 8 inches of snow) and I got home just as the game was ending.

    Glad I was there, so I can say I was there, but, honestly, fuck that. I want a roof.


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    Re: Who's Going to the Game on Monday at TCF?

    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1085232
    Quote Originally Posted by "BloodyHorns82" #1085220
    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1085217
    The whole snowball thing last night just hammered home how wrong I've been in that regard.
    A lot of Bears fans there last night.
    Deep deep down in my heart I want to believe it was a Bores fan. Problem is, of late, there is a bit of reasonable doubt left in me that a yutz of a Vikings fan might have done it.
    Also keep in mind that they were letting any student with an ID in for free. Some probably weren't too interested in the game.
    And as far as I know none were aimed at santa clause or had batteries inside so we're still better than some fan bases.

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