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    Who's fault is it?

    My fellow bretheren, We really need to stop with all of this bashing of our coaching staff and personel. Fire him! Fire Them! It is not Mike Tice's fault that our defense fell apart in the 2nd half nor is it Ted Cotrell's. The sole responsibility lies with the defensive players and noone else. I'd like to see our defense blitz more too however you can't blitz that much with the type of offense the Texans run. They like to get their ball's to their TE's in the flats so your LB's have to stay in coverage. The Texans have two very good tight ends. I coach football and can understand why Cotrell was only utilizing a four man rush. At least we didn't pull a Seattle.
    I for one am very happy with Tice and Linehan. This team is going nowhere but up. Our scouting department is elite. We are also very very lucky to have Studwell! We have had 3 great drafts in a row! I also am estatic with Culpepper! The guy gets better every year. Try to remember that it took Favre a couple of years to become what he is today. Give Pepp some time people (that includes you too O-line!) and he will lead us to the promise land.
    As far as today goes I'm just happy we won on the road and outdoors. Just when our team looked like the Vikings of old...they came through in the clutch.

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    Who's fault is it?

    No, I would not put sole responsibility on the coachs. But, they have to share to responsibility with the players, team game. I don't think that Texas is a team that really uses their TE's a lot. We need to blitz. Cannot let the opposing QB pick apart our D. Yeah, Carr was very lucky to have completed a lot of his passes, and he has very talented WR's. Especially Johnson.

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