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    Who wins the NFC North!

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    Umm, Carr has done more with the expansion Texans than Harrington has with Lions. He has way more heart and leadership qualities. You can tell when the Lions are playing, everyone on his team is waiting for him to lose the game.
    carr is a very average quarterback. he hasn't done much more than harington. they both were pretty bad last year.
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    Who wins the NFC North!

    Several random comments to make here:

    1. I think the Vikings are the strongest team in the division and SHOULD win the title.

    2. While GB did not appear to really improve themselves in the offseason, unless they lose McKenzie, they didn't get any weaker either. They didn't finish 10-6 last season as a fluke...if anything, they could have easily won 2 or 3 more games. They will give the Vikings all the competition they want for the title.

    3. Two of Harrington's biggest problems as Lions QB as I saw them were A: No running game to keep the opponent's D honest, and B: Receivers dropping balls left and right. I think the Lions should be much better at RB and WR this season. I think the OL and DL are still weak and are their achilles heels, but the secondary is improved and the Lions will be better. Depending on the Packers season, I see the Lions finishing in 3rd, maybe even sneaking up to 2nd.

    4. Bears offense just doesn't scare me, and they've lost some decent defensive players. They could still finish around where they did last season though, somewhere between 6-10 and 8-8.

    5. I, too, will give props to Los Angelis. I consider him to be a knowledgable football fan and a valued member of this site, regardless of what team he roots for.

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    Who wins the NFC North!

    First off, The packers seriously struggled to get to 10-6. It took help from refs, an easy schedule, Denver to pull all their starters, Favre's Dad to die and a whole lottal luck for them to finish "strong" and get to 10-6. They have a tougher schedule this year and everyone in the division IMPROVED but them over the off-season. They were lucky to get to 10-6, really lucky.

    The Lions are a much improved team. Who was their bestr eceiver last year? I don't even remember. You can't pin that on Harrington. Their defense, for the most part was aweful. Harring was forced to rush his throws because their O-line sucked. When he did get a pass to his WRs they dropped it. He had no running game to speak of, none at all. You can't blame him. Carr on the other hand, had Dominick Davis, and Andre Johnson last year and the year before that, he didn'tr really do much. Harrington looked pretty good when he had at least one solid target to throw too - Rodgers. Both QBs are going to make a mark in the NFL, though, I think.

    The Bears don't scare me at all. I remember catching crap on here because I said their 13-3 was a fluke. Which it was. Lovie Smith will be a good coach for them, and I'd be lying If I said I didn't think Marty Booker and Rex Grossman could do some damage. However, you still need a running game - Jones is NOT a quality starter. You still need an Offensive line - Tait helped. On Defense, Urlacher is awesome, but I think they still need another LB. They are making a lot of changes, and it's going to take a year or two for them to sink and work.

    I see the Vikings easily wining in a weak, but improving division. The more I think about it, the more I see the Lions doing kinda like we did last year. Improving to win more games than they lost, and missing the playoffs by a game or 2 finishing 9-7 (which is different from my ealier prediction of 7-9). I see the Packers at about 8-8, and the Bears somewhere around 7-9.
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    Who wins the NFC North!

    The Lions are set on offense for the next several years. They upgraded just about everywhere including the offensive line. Rogers and Williams will be a formidable pair and Tai Streets makes for a decent No. 3. Kevin Jones is awesome. With plenty of targets and a solid running game, Harrington should finally put up some numbers. But on defense the Lions are still in trouble. Their secondary looks good with Dre Bly and Brock Marion but other than that they've got nothing. I will give the Lions 8-8 this year and by 2005 they will probably be a playoff team.

    Green Bay has a good defense. They have a solid pash rush, a great LB in Nick Barnett and an upcoming replacement for McKenzie in Ahmad Carrol. But on offense the Packers are screwed. No longer can Favre carry the team as we saw last year, and it took several weeks before Ahman Green hit his stride. The Pack had to rely on too many other factors to make the playoffs last year and despite somehow being called the "team of destiny" in December, everyone forgets how badly they started the season. The Pack has a shot at a wildcard but their reign of the NFC North is over.

    The Bears scare me more than they do most people. Lovie Smith is a great defensive coach and he has a lot of young, talented players to work with, not to mention plenty of depth after two years worth of defense-heavy drafts. Their offensive line and FB situation have also improved. I was a big fan of Rex Grossman in college and I think he will continue to do well in the NFL. The Bears running game isn't tops but I think A-train and Thomas Jones will be enough to give Grossman some options. Bottom line for the Bears is keeping free of injuries which really hurt them last year just like the Lions. I see the Bears having a winning record and also a shot at a wildcard.

    It may seem biased but who cares...the Vikings really are in the best position coming into the new year. The Vikings have kept every piece of their league-leading offense, including Kleinsasser who is a major contributor. On defense the line looks great with Udeze and Williams improving the pass rush. That will make it impossible to double-team Hovan who should have a rebound this year. The secondary will be one of the best in the league with shutdown corner Antoine Winfield along with Brian Williams, Russell and Corey Chavous. The LB corps is a concern, hopefully EJ will be ready for the season. But Ted Cottrell is great at working with LBs and he is just what we need right now.
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    Who wins the NFC North!

    1. The bears don't scare me, and personally I think Urlacher is WAY OVERRATED!!! He has done absolutely nothing with out the two tank @sses in front of him!!

    2. The Lions don't scare me either because although they are improved with some great drafting, Joey Harrington sucks (and I don't think David Carr is any better)!! Kevin Jones is a good RB, but we'll see what he has in the pros!! They have a good receiving corp, but without an offensive line it will be hard to get them the ball, and Rogers needs to stay healthy!!

    3. The Packers will be out biggest challenge this year, as it has been for the past, I don't know 40 years or so!! Since I'm going to the game in Lambeau on November 14th, we will win in Lambeau for the second straight year and then we will win on December 24th (or whenever it is we play them at home) and that will decide the division!!

    4. We are the best!! GO VIKES!!!

    5. If you think this is totally biased, you are right, but I don't care!!

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