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    Who should be the starting RB

    "UTVikfan" wrote:
    SnowinA, umm, we exposed Randy in what??? '98? What difference did that make? We have done RBBC for how long now? Moe on goal line and 3rd, Bennett otherwise, unless we need to pass. Back when, it was David Palmer on 3rd. Bennett is the starter. MM is the new Moe in my opinion and he will do well. How many 60+ yard TD's in consecutive games for EITHER O. Smith or MM? ZERO! Bennett? 3. How many pro bowls? Yep.
    Is this a fluke? I bet not. Anyone else remember our other injury prone RB? Seems from most of the posters, no. He was R. Smith. He was a starter too. MM SHOULD definitly have a role, and Mike needs to earn his start back. But he is the Moss of RB's. Wait and see.
    I know that. But I am talking about a split. A split on the number of carries not on which downs they are in on. I have been a Bennett supporter and still am if he can win his job back. I hav also posted the save stuff about the big runs for TDs. Also I am one of the biggest R Smith fans around.

    The difference that it made was when his contract came up he asked for huge Money. If we had 3 other Randys on the team there is no way he would have played and no way that he would have got paid(big time).

    We could use that money for defense. Our reported 30 million under the cap for next year could go for D. If we spend that money now and have to sign Moore in 2 yrs to a larger contract we could be in a position where we might not be able to afford him. I am talking about Money. As far as the Vikes, it is good for us to know what we have in the guy but what I was saying is that it didn't have to happen so soon.

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    Who should be the starting RB

    "MOSSISBOSS88" wrote:
    Until Bennett shows signs of his injury lingering he should and will get the start. He has proven himself over the past few years and is still our star runningback. He will start against NYG but he will share carries with both MM and MW. Brad Johnson was very injury prone, and until Randall brought his A game in 98, Johnson would always return as the starter. I know that is very different from our current situation, but still relavent.
    Try telling that to Quentin Griffin and Rueben Droughns

    Henry got his job back from McGahee.

    I thought it was an unwritten rule that players that lose their jobs to injuries get a chance to get it back but it is not always true.

    Griffin played a great game against the Chiefs in week one, came out the next 2 weeks against some tough run defenses, gets hurt, and Droughns went in and never came back out. In the games where Droughns and Griffin played, their yds/carry were not noticably differrent. It must be based on the teams confidence in the player. I had the impression the Shanny wanted to start Griffin again but it never happened.

    I think the Vike players have confidence in all the RBs and so do the coaches.

    From the Vikings Update article:

    There’s an axiom in the NFL that says a player doesn’t lose his job due to injury, but the fact is, over the last two years, the Vikings are 11-1 in their first six games — all without Bennett. Their record with Bennett as the go-to back is sub-.500. As for Williams, he was never projected to be a featured back. As for Smith, Tice had him rated as a first-round prospect last year, but waited until the fourth round because of previous problems with marijuana that got him kicked off the Tennessee Volunteers football team.

    I like the part about O.Smith. Sound like he has a chronic(pun) problem
    We may have to keep him. He may not be trade worthy after his Drug Suspension.

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