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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    Maybe, just maybe, being ranked 13th in the league (2010) makes it a "non-priority" and an issue only in fans eyes that (by the way) will almost always admit that it is an area they don't understand.

    Seriously, go watch teams like the Rams, the Bores (unless they face our DL), the Seachickens (getting better by the way) etc. That is poor line play. Ours has issues, but nothing that is consistent.
    This site has MN ranked at 16th in run blocking and 29th in pass blocking through week 6 of this year:

    2011 Offensive Lines

    Note this is from Football Outsiders which likes to put a little more thought into their numbers. Take it for what it's worth as there are always other factors that will play into any stat, but probably one of the better way of looking at the quality of an OL.

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    Calling BS on that one. Johnson is actually worse than if we would have kept Ryan Cook and McKinney is nearly in pro bowl form with the Ravens. His coach is ecstatic with having him on the team.If we still had Birk and Mac we may have 4-5 wins right now.
    Pretty sure its obvious to most that the OL is what's holding this team back. We haven't been able to hold the middle of our line consistently since we let Birk walk. Hutch is getting old and having to make up for downgrades on both sides isn't helping. Herrera is coming off major knee surgery and Loadholt is still young.

    I could see us spending 3 of our first 4 picks on OL.

    The other spot we could really use an upgrade at is Safety. It seems as though Spielman and Co have forgotten that the 2 of the Tampa-2 is supposed to be 2 Safeties who can cover a lot of field and shut down the back end. We're starting 2 late pick/undrafted guys back there...? They aren't terrible, but I got to think we could be better.
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    Not buying it. The Noodle was only better in 2009 because of Rice and Harvin. Without them he sucked in 2009.

    I will give you this one, as I did above, however, I still am undecided, mostly because of the scheme change.

    How can the same 3 be worse? Are you saying Hutch is slipping? He sure had two big gaffs last week. One resulted in a Saftey the other almost got Dnabb killed, but I don't think I would go so far as to say the 3 of them are worse this year than in 2009.

    I think you should revisit the numbers that Chester put up vs the numbers his replacement put up.

    Phat Pat hasn't been getting it done since 2008 my friend. Check the stats, his play from 2007 (60ish tackles or so) 2008, 2009 and 2010 (40ish/30ish or so) are almost the same.

    Chester picking up the blitz really doesn't play. Those reps CT had, were he picked up the blitz have been, for the most part sucked up by AD. I would say that he isn't quite as good as CT was at it, but he doesn't suck at it either.

    I think, after reading your input, I was right. It isn't about the talent. That is still there. Its all about the coaches and 2 positions.......

    QB and DT.
    Are you just testing me here marr?
    Remember, I did not like Farve either, but no matter how you break it down, he was better than DNabb.
    I could have sworn Hicks left. Unless he is on our superdoubletopsecret roster, I think he's in Cleveland this year. Washington(?) last.
    Chester had 44 receptions in 2009. His replacement Toby has 25 in 2 years.
    If you want to say AD and Toby replaced Chester, then Chester+AD=87 rec's in 2009. AD + Gerhart=57 rec's 2010.
    If you recall a few years ago, teams stopped running up the middle on us. It was useless to try. Of course Pat's stats would go down. 2009 the opponents pocket was still being collapsed by the wall. 2010 with pat's limited plays and injury, the pocket became a vacation destination for opposing QB's. They could just step up and get their R&R waiting to unload the ball. As much as I respect a lot of your opinions marr, I think I have to go with KWill's belief here that we were better with Pat.
    Chesters ability to pick up the blitz does play into it. He was very good at it. There is a bit of difference between not sucking at it and being good at it.
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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