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Rock on Mrs. Webby!
You should post more often.
I usually read a lot, but don't always put in my 2 cents.
I've been trying to help Webby lately by transfering content to the new site.... and getting ready for the arrival of the little one...
Anyway, glad to know that post didn't get me banned from the site (oh ya, I do know webby...
Not always sure how others will take it.
I'm all for the purple and gold, but not at any cost.
Do you Mrs. Webby take 6-Kings as his lawful wedded Web wife?
Love your post!!!
Nothing like a good trip to the woodshed to straighten folks out!!!
Where have you been man?
Well Del I did some time in the Benbrook jail for watering my lawn on the wrong days.

I have been recovering from surgery 1st, catch up at work, please my harum of 20 year old mistresses.

You know just pretending I matter in life.
That is nonsense. No surgery could hurt the 6, work! What is that? You tell your harum to pleasure each other and you post on here more you sack of waste.

PS: Get a high quality webcam and point it at the harem while posting. Direct link it to me. KTHXBYE

Well I don't work for the Federal folks.
So I must work.
You Bum!!
I will get the webcam going soon.

Well it is good to be back you useless, miserable bag of dusty poke bones!!

Yours in Christ