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Thread: Who Makes Who?

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    Re: Who Makes Who?

    I think if you asked the players in the locker room who the leaders on the team was, whether Moss was there or not, they would have said #1 Culpepper and #2 Birk. People are not recognized as leaders just because they have talent like Moss did. True leaders step up and take leadership roles. The only people who viewed Moss as a leader on our team was the media.

    As far as Culpepper goes I believe he will just as good a season as last year. There is no reason to think any different. Will our offense be better? I don't know but don't think it matters because they will be good enough. Culpepper still has many weapons and still knows how to use all of them.
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    Re: Who Makes Who?

    "muchluv4smoot" wrote:
    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    I think my point was more that Brett Favre had this knock on him with Sterling Sharpe, that the only reason he was a good quarterback was because he had Sharpe (and, of course, because Sterling Sharpe kept saying he was the reason Brett was a good quarterback).

    Now, Pepp has the opportunity to prove those critics wrong. I've said for years that Pepp was the best thing you guys had going, so here's my chance to be right.

    Agreed. I believe we saw a little of this last year, but will see more now that our offense isn't based around a WR who is on the sidelines.

    Daunte's #'s will go down some, but he will be a better QB and more importantly, a better leader.

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