I think I remember someone posting on here a while back that they might be going to this game.
Just wondered how many PPO'ers we have up in that area, and who is planning on attending the game?

I used to have great Bills season tickets through an old job I had, but never got to see the Vikings up there.
I called someone who still works for that company to see if they still existed, but they have since let them go.
There is an outside chance that I might be up in that area on a business trip around that time, so I was going to see if I could get those tickets for old time sake.

I am not sure of my travel plans yet, but if I would plan the trip around that weekend what is the ticket situation like up there in Buffalo these days?
Just wondered how tough tickets would be to come by if I wanted to try?

With the Bills looking pretty strong the first two weeks it should be a pretty good game.