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    Who to draft?.......

    Here's a list of guys I think we could use:

    Will Smith: DE, Ohio State. THis guy's a great pass-rusher on the end, which we need.

    A.J. Hawk: Linebacker Ohio State. Hes got speed at the LB position and good tackling, but I'm not sure if he's gonna be available this Draft.

    Matt Buhle: LB, Kansas. This guys got insane speed and great tackling, they think he'll be switched to Safety in the NFL, but We don't need a safety and we need speed at LB, and Derrick Brooks was supposed to be a Safety too, enough said.

    There's a million more unmentionables to add, but this three guys stand out in my mind. Who do you think we should grab?
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    Who to draft?.......

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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