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    Who actually goes to games?

    "Hawgski" wrote:
    Have 4 season tickets. My wife, kids, and I are very passionate about our Viking games. The dome is nice with kids, but we must have an upgrade. Now with kids I realize there are not enough rest rooms, concessions etc.

    Jiggy....forget the plaza...the real tailgate party is Washington Ave. (when the kids stay with Grandma and Grandpa) ccasion5:
    Hawgski got the call this year (for tickets). Very nice. I caught one of your posts from last year - looking for tickets. Where did your seats end up? 2 words of advice from a fellow Vikes fan, and long time season ticket holder: 1). Request an upgrade every year. If you just request to be worked toward the center of the field they move you rather quickly. Once you're there, request to be moved closer. Always say you'll pay a higher price. 2). Never let your tickets end up in the hands of opposing fan's - ESPECIALLY PACKERS FANS. One time, my Packers tickets ended up in the hands of Packers fans - I'll never forgive myself, and the season ticket holders around me helped me appreciate how they didn't appreciate being forced to be subjected to Packer rubedom.

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    Who actually goes to games?

    Usually I make back to Minny for at least one game at the Dome, and I try to make it to at least one game in the area that I'm living in too. This year I'm gonna get lucky as they are playing here in Houston in week 4 and in N.O which is only 4 1/2 hours away in week 5. So I will be able to catch 3 game this year. :cheers:
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