Marrdro wrote:

Sounds like you think I'm some sort of Chiller supporter and have always been.

Truth of the matter is, I've been against the Chiller more than I have been a supporter, just so happens that I'm on his bandwagon of late.
Calling BS on that one marr. I have been around way too long for you to pull that one one. maybe a noob would let you slide but no, not this guy.

Still dislike how he holds camp and how he gets a team ready. (Sorry Prophet, I know I promised not to get on that soapbox again)
OK, so you don't like the fact he didn't make Birk attend OTA's. That was actually a cut on Birk more than anything. If it had been one of your boys it wouldn't have been an issue.

Long story short, I believe a team can only be successful in this league if they have stability at the top.
Stability and competency do not go hand in hand. First you have to have the right coach (We do not) and then yes, stability is good. But then again if you look at NE they have had everyone on the staff except the HC leave multiple times and even lost the GM and they keep rolling. You also have to have a system flexible enough to deal with guys leaving and still be able to go out and win. We can't even do that when all the stars line up.

Currently we have a HC that has demonstrated the ability to improve a team each year to the point that his team made it to the NFFC game and was one stupid throw away from making it to the SB.
And we improved this year over last right? Sorry, it is time to put that BS argument to rest. It didn't work before and it is certainly not working now.

Changing that cat out will do nothing but make us start all over again. The new cat will come in, bring in new assistants that he was buds with when he got fired the last time along with a whole bunch of has been players that are familiar with his scheme.
If you make the right choice then it is worth it. Hiring an actual GM and letting them form the team is really the best choice and hopefully they do that, but going forward with Childress will be a total failure and leave us at the bottom of the division wishing we were Detroit.

We will be forced to watch a team go 6-10, 8-8, 10-6 etc etc etc over the next 3 years as they rebuild something that really doesn't need to be rebuilt

What? what the heck happened to your "We are so full of talent that we can't even bring guys in and expect them to see the field" Comment? If we are as good as you said we were then we really only need a coach that can use them properly, which this one cannot. Quick question- We lost Billick to Baltimore and Tomlin to Pittsburgh. How much rebuilding did each of them do on the way to their SB's?

Don't get me wrong, I was happy the Chiller gutted the team even though I was unhappy to see Denny gut it. It had to be done. The 2005 Vikes were a mess and had very little talent on it at all.
Quote from Chokedress on the day he was hired:

"This team is not talent poor"
" This is the Plum Job in the NFL"

The current team is loaded with talent and even though it appears we are gonna have a bad year (remember the thread I did on teams that failed in thier respected Championship games), it was expected, especially when you consider the move we made at QB, the loss of our starting C for a good portion of the season, not to mention the loss of our best WR.

I agree- We should have traded TJ and kept Sage, Not let Birk go to Baltimore or put Moss in a situation where the coach couldn't handle him.

Add into that mix the little issue related to the whole CAP issue and the obvious effect it is having league wide when it comes to all the players that were tendered by the cheap assed owners instead of paying them, thus ensuring they would play this year.

You mean where TJ and Edwards were tendered and nobody wanted them? Yeah.

Again, not sure what you believe my philosphy is to maintain some sort of semblence of stability at the HC'ing position cause it the best thing to do, even though the HC does a few things I dislike, then yes.
No, your philosophy that you will fabricate any sort of distorted view you can come up with to support the notion Childress should still be the coach.

I guess I will have to say that so that my whole philosphy
isn't blown out of the water.
too late
But I digress........Back to my intial questions.......

What philosphy? :huh:
That Childress is a good coach and that he has assembled a roster deep with talent that will be competitive for years to come...... :laugh: