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    Where's the love after Vikings victory?

    Where's the love after Vikings victory?

    Where's the love after Vikings victory? |

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Don't want the hype back ... let's just get used to winning again ... then we'll know the recovery has taken hold ...

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    The Vikings put up an overtime win and a loss against two of the leagues worst teams but then beat one better team, and we are supposed to believe that the team is the next big thing?

    When the defense starts attacking the ball in the air and shows it can consistently tackle, the offense completes a few passes over fifteen yards and makes first downs before third down, the special teams can play a complete game without giving up a big return, and the team shows that is has more depth than a cheap Formica table, then maybe we should start to believe.

    Either that, or we glimpse Tom Hanks conducting a train in our back yard on a snowy night in late December. "In that case, tickets please."


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