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    Re:Where will you watch the NFC Championship game?

    Across the street, with great friends. 50" HD. Beer, Chips, Pizza, & Hot wings. Who needs to go to the bar when you can bring the bar to you....

    SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!! :cheer:

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    Re:Where will you watch the NFC Championship game?

    Have a 42" plasma at home but don't want to work in the kitchen. On the way to Bumper's in Burnsville.

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    Re:Where will you watch the NFC Championship game?

    I ended up at the Corner Oyster Bar on Decatur Street in the French Quarter. It was a small bar compared to a sports bars in the 'burbs, but large by FQ standards. It had about a dozen TVs. There were 5 other Vikes fans at one point. Some left, some came in later. The Saints fans were nice, or ignored us. One was congratulating me as we set up for the game-wining field goal drive. Silly me, in typical Vikings fan mode I said "Don't give up on your team." Then the 12th man happened, then the pick. Ughhhhh! The bar errupted. Then the last drive, extended by some questionable calls. Then the sure-footed kick. Then I had to get out of there ASAP. The fans were still nice to us, just excited for their team, but I could sense the swarm coming from the Superdome.

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    Re:Where will you watch the NFC Championship game?

    After having chilled at the tailgate up until 45 minutes before the game I went out witha sign saying " i need a ticket". I went around teh superdome one fully 360 degrees and after being told to get off superdome property, since not only it was illegal but scalpers wasnt there.

    I accidently asked two bums for tickets and they started helping me asking every scalper they knew.

    Then we went down from teh superdome, and on the street. I found 2 tickets nosebleed ones for 500 each but since i only wanted one, they didnt wanted to sell.

    And just by magic, one dude comes up to me, saying he has a clublevel ticket for 500, I asked him where it was and he said it was some kindof semisuite with free food and drinks included.

    His wife or woman was ranting on not selling it, and then another dude comes up and offers a 1000 dollar for it, but he still sold it to me for 500 since we had made an agreement and i just counted the money for him to see before the 1000 dollar dude came up.

    Teh clublevel was nice, we should have that in our new stadium if we ever get one. Crystal chandeliers, a bar with a bartender and a food buffe with local cajunfood, domedogs, tacos and ceasarsallad.

    teh seat in itself was good, soft cushion for the bum, and tv setup so you could watch the replays on them instead of the large monitor. But it seemed it was not the fox broadcast they sent, it was some cameras inside the dome instead

    Only drawback was that I was alone in purple, and people around were douchebags for example they took a cleaningmop and stuck that up my face, dirty and filthy from cleaning and everything. Constant mocking, highfiving me when they scored and totally ignored me when I cheered on vikings TDs.

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    Re:Where will you watch the NFC Championship game?

    Sorry you didn't have a super great time Dekay

    Would expect that from rich snobs there

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