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    Quote Originally Posted by Caine View Post
    You're right, we abandoned improving the position...but that wasn't Favre's fault. That was Chiller.

    Chiller failed to draft a QB in '09 and in '10...instead, he relied on Favre to keep the position viable.

    It worked in '09. Not so much in '10.

    But the fact that everyone else who stepped in in '10 sucked wang shows that the fault lay with Chiller. It wasn't Favre's fault. he got tore up in '09 and took $20 million that Wilf offered him...

    I WOULD TOO!!!

    It goes back to Wilf and Chiller for failing to address the position properly, and failing to acquire talent AROUND the position to make it playable.

    We have no line, 1 receiver, and a RB....which QB was going to succeed?

    The only part I blame Favre for is failing to show for camp in '10. But I blame Childress more for allowing it.

    The only part of the 2010 season you blame Favre for is failing to show for camp?

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    Center: John Sullivan, MIN

    John Sullivan came out of nowhere with a season nobody at PFF was expecting. He has never so much as flashed the type of play that would suggest he could be among the best centers in the NFL, but he was exactly that in 2011. Only Chris Myers and Nick Mangold graded better than Sullivan, and the Vikings wisely locked him down after the season.
    I think I may have had a momentary lapse and posted on topic

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikinggreg View Post
    Center: John Sullivan, MIN

    I think I may have had a momentary lapse and posted on topic

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