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    where is 93 best fitted

    First of all ....Congrats to the Vikings on a well played game against the hapless packers. Favre looks a bit past his prime i would say. Can no longer carry a team on his shoulders. Not with that defense at least. I digress

    The defense played well, despite an unaspiring pass rush still. Lets be honest.... it still needs improvement. I know its early, give it time, but i pose a question just for debates sake......

    Is Kevin Williams best suited at DE a good part of the game? Lance Johnstone is undersized and is a good impact player, he had a great preseason though. Anyways, wasnt the point of getting Williams to help Hovan in the inside rush, but plays opposite sides of the line? I dont know, just something i observed this preseason and game 1. I suppose thats why i am a fan and not an NFL coach.

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    where is 93 best fitted

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