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    Re: When, if ever does Brad get the hook?

    "Desertvikingfan" wrote:
    "Acumen" wrote:
    "ejmat" wrote:
    I still have a problem with people saying BJ is playing at a poor level.
    I will admit this isn't his best season and I'm not going to make excuses for some of his passes.
    I will back him up and say this woefull offense is not entirely his fault.
    we have WRs dropping passes every game.
    We have people making foolish penalties and refs making penalties calls where they do not happen.
    We have a right side of the line that is having their difficulties as well.
    Defenses know that and stack that side....
    Thankfully, the coaching staff is bright enough, contrary to some people's thinking on this site, to tell the difference between a blind-sided fumble, a tipped ball for an INT, and a bone-headed play by the QB.
    The offensive woes are many, but most are relatively easily correctable.

    Del Rio summed it up best saying that the reason the QB change would happen if it does is because they need a spark and there is always a scapegoat, rightful or not.
    The QB is an easy target.
    BJ has not been a superhero, but you cannot pin all the blame on him like many so skillfully do.
    Most of the blame is really just generalizations about his arm strength or lack of ability to avoid the rush. Fact is if you take a look at the games (get TIVO) you'll see that teams aren't playing a majority in 8 and 9 man fronts. Brad is hitting receivers downfield and has been able tomove around in the pocket to get time. If you want to argue that change may spark the team then fine, but you can't argue that BB is going to be a better QB than Brad has been. QB ratings are lame, QB can't catch the ball and he can't call the plays.
    Like I've stated I will back BJ because he's getting the rap for things beyond his control.
    I wish people would look and see the VIkings offense is ranked 16th in the league.
    That's better than half of the teams.
    That's also with a lack of skills at the WR position.
    I've also been saying it would be a top 10 offense if the WRs had caught balls placed in the hands and a less amount of penalties.
    I still don't understand why people have such a difficult time understanding this.
    BJ is probably the least of the worries when it comes to the Viking offense.
    At the same time I agree with Del Rio.
    The team may need a spark (i.e. when BJ took over last year).
    That's where I say, give TJack playing time.
    If he's the future let him get the experience to build on next year.

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    Re: When, if ever does Brad get the hook?

    "verovike" wrote:
    I'm pretty sure that we should give Brooks a shot before we say he is garbage.
    Mildly understated, but very true.
    To make such a harsh judgement based on the very limited opportunities he has recieved is a bit irrational.
    I have said that a more mobile QB could spark a little more offensive production, and will stand by that.
    I think that Brooks is the guy.
    While I have great respect for Brad, and what he has done throughout his career, anyone can see that his skills have diminished. Heck, he never was a vey nimble guy anyway.
    He could probably lead the Pats or Chiefs (both teams with solid O lines) very deep in the post season, but he is a sitting duck behind our line.
    He can't avoid the rush and takes too many hard hits.
    Those hits would take their toll on a young man, not to mention an aging veteren like him.
    I hope that Brooks has been getting a lot of practice snaps and is getting comfortable with the first team, because, every defense we play is going to be launching missles at Brad, and Brooks is only one hit from being the man.
    I am not wishing this, it's just the truth.
    I would like to see what Brooks could do if given a more level playing field, thats all.

    Pretty good post there...

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