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    Re: When is it acceptable not to watch the Vikings game...

    "Turboe" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:

    Nice looking room you have their Turboe. Can'twait to see the finished room. The colors do look great together even in the pics.

    How big of a TV are you putting in there?

    Did you ever find those stadium seats you were looking for for that room?

    If not, might I make a couple of suggestions......

    [img width=400 height=243][/img]

    [img width=400 height=399][/img]

    Never found any Vikings stadium seats (I am holding out hope for when they tear down the Dome) but I was able to get a couple yellow seats from Three Rivers Stadium (which I hope still hold some Super Bowl producing team karma) and a seat from the old Chicago Stadium (I figure they have seen a few Championships at the hands of MJ) so I am hoping for a little winning sports karma out of them.
    I plan to put them along the back wall just for some extra seating and conversation pieces.
    I am going to inherit the white leather couches from another room which I figure should be OK with the Purple/Gold/White color scheme.

    Right now I don't know how big of TV I am going to put in there.
    It will probably have to wait for next season.
    After sinking all the money into finishing the entire basement the TV budget is going to be a little lacking (barring a couple big commission checks to change my discretionary cash situation).
    But hopefully by next season I will have something suitable in place.

    Believe it or not my wife actually was the one that brought up the Vikings colors.
    I kind of had that in mind, but hadn't talked much about it, and was just waiting for her reaction.
    Even though it is the "Man's Room" and I had negotiated decorating rights up front.
    I was quite surprised one day when she said at Home Depot they have the actual team colors, because I assume you are thinking about painting the "Man's Room" Vikings colors right?
    Well of course I ran with it and it was official from that day on.

    I have some pictures, etc that I have had from over the years, but continue to keep an eye out for the proper photos, beer lights, etc.

    I did buy this little beauty for the light switches in the room.
    Though small, I thought it was pretty cool.

    [img width=400 height=398][/img]

    I thought it will look pretty good against the purple wall in there.

    You can afford the TV if you charge every member here a $1 to tour the room.

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    Re: When is it acceptable not to watch the Vikings game...

    "VikingD24" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "vikes_4_life_42" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    I miss many games...doesn't make me any less of a fan!
    yea it just means your not a "TRUE FAN" :P
    i tape the games when i miss them, which is very rare that i do have to miss them.
    Trust me, I have been a "TRUE FAN" much longer than you!
    How can Cajun be so sure of that?
    Because she's not even 18 yet...and I have been a Vikes fan for 35+ years!

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