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    Whatsup guys......

    Haven't stopped by in a long time and wanted to see how things were going.
    I think you will take the Bills today.
    I'm not sold on them.
    You guys are definitely headed in the right direction, and i think you'll have a good season before it's all said and done.

    anyways, here's to a good rest of the season (for you guys and obviously the saints as well!!)

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    Re: Whatsup guys......

    I assume you're a Saints fan? That was a good win for the Saints on Monday. Thanks for the good luck wishes, and good luck to the Saints the rest of the way.
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    Re: Whatsup guys......

    Good luck to you too

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    Re: Whatsup guys......

    saints might win too. they own in carolina
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Whatsup guys......

    Saints put up a good battle today, too bad they came up short.
    They are definitely on the right track.........finally.

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