"olson_10" wrote:
football will sell out unless you are playing in Arizona (who got a new stadium to hold their 20,000 fans)
OK, this is where facts need to be brought to bear! Fans of the Cardinals, cough, cough, hack, are overjoyed because of the NEW STADIUM as well as the great draft they had, supported by articles like this one making the local news. Something that could be found easy by using Google instead of making FALSE statements like above!

Leinart boosts Cardinals' season-ticket sales

Kent Somers
The Arizona Republic
May. 2, 2006 12:00 AM

The Cardinals, who had seen brisk season-ticket sales even before they drafted a former Heisman Trophy winner, are close to selling every season ticket in their new stadium.

The selection of USC quarterback Matt Leinart Saturday saw a weekend spike of about 1,500 season tickets sold, leaving fewer than 3,000 season tickets remaining, team officials said.

The Cardinals declined to reveal a total sales figure or how many of the stadium's 63,000 seats are available for purchase in season packages.

If you ask the average football fan in the Phoenix Valley, they would probably answer at least 7 out of 10 times that one of the hottest selling markets today is Arizona Cardinals football game tickets given the fact they are opening their season in a BRAND SPANKING NEW STADIUM!