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    Re: What's up with Moore inactive?

    I am interested to see how an AP,MM combination would work. I think they can have success until CT gets back healthy and at least with these two players we don't have to worry about rushing CT back too soon and risking re aggravating the injury.

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    Re: What's up with Moore inactive?

    I like to see the Combo of Moore & Peterson as well. Could be an interesting mix.

    Moore's been one of my favorites too. Shifty little dude, pretty versitile and always exciting to watch. In the past I've always felt they just hadn't used him enough...maybe they think he's too small, or too injury prone or something. When we got A.P. i was nervous that they would trade Moore, and was relieved when they didn't.

    Initially i heard he was inactive last week due to an unnamed injury that occured at practice, but now i'm seeing reports that he wasn't injured and was inactive due to the specific gameplan? I guess that happens sometimes, but i was still surprised to hear they were going into the 1st game with only two real RBs.

    Hopefully he'll be playing this Sunday...if C.T is a Workhorse & A.P. is a Beast then M.M. is kinda like a Tasmanian Devil or Little Rascal type...i personally like how those three styles compliment each other and would love to see all three available in one game for some running hijinx...

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