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    What's the Problem?

    Obviously our D is not playing great ball but the high powered offense of the Vikes has some to blame for the bad pass defense numbers. When teams are getting down quick to us they are forced to start throwing the ball more. However, i do agree that we need to send the blitz more when they do instead of that damn prevent defense.

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    What's the Problem?

    You can blame a little bit on the offense but that's what separates this defense from the 98 defense. The 98 defense played with a lot of leads and looked great even though it wasn't that special. The 98 defense knew how to play with a lead. The 04 defense needs to learn how to play with a lead.

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    What's the Problem?

    I think purpleshine has some good points, but i got to agree with los. If you look at our defensive ages:

    K. Williams 23
    K. Udeze 21
    Hovan 26
    EJ 23
    D Thomas 24
    B Williams 24
    A Winfield 26

    These are a few of our younger guys on defense, not including some of the backups. In Two or three years these guys could make one of the best defenses in the league.

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    What's the Problem?

    I think they need to mix in some more blitzes with man-to-man coverages. The blitz tends to hurry QBs into making bad decisions or throwing with less accuracy, which turns into incompletes or interceptions. All the Vikings D needs to do is get off the field a little earlier in opponents drives, and you will see the defensive stats pick way up.

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    What's the Problem?

    Time is the problem, no doubt about it. Like I've said before the great defenses in this league are great because most of their players have played a long time together. Once our guys get to that point, and they will because most of them are young and we'll have them for a while, then I think our defense will be one of the best.
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    What's the Problem?

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    My unbiased opinion is you're a year away from gellin'.

    You have a lot of new people and a lot of rooks and 2nd year guys. Most of these guys aren't even 24 yet, and in their prime.

    Give it some time, and your coaches time to start adjusted the schemes to the personnel.

    Just MHO.
    But every week we get that much closer (witness the Titans game) and we may gel ahead of your predicted timetable (hopefully by the playoffs)...if not, I will take gelling next year with the offense coming back intact, we could be dominating!

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