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    Re: whats with the culpepper rumors?

    Ditto Webby! I LIKE Pep alot and he has demonstrated he has what it takes I am tired of hearing him get trashed when the man may never be able to play make full recovery again! This is sad if our beloevd fans turn their backs this way on him.... Never would have known or heard of such crap duing the old school days! Lock it up please webby!
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    Re: whats with the culpepper rumors?

    no rumors about culpepper being traded are true so don't listen to them. just like tonight theisman said oh i don't think culpepper even wants to play here next year after pep said he wants to spend his whole career here.
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    Re: whats with the culpepper rumors?

    Joe wasn't assuming Culpepper wouldn't be here, more like questioning it "will culpepper wanna remain in Minny?"

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