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    Re: What's ahead for Wilf

    i think you mean billick

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    Re: What's ahead for Wilf

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:
    Cajun, I agree to that in part.

    I have two levels of gripe with Tice.

    1. Nothing to do with Tice.

    This aspect has to do with him coming on as an interim HC when Denny walked. Fine. I can deal with that. The next year when Redneck crowned him the HC at minimum wage and didn't even bother looking for the best availabel HC....that pissed me off. I think Tice could easily be a decent HC in the future. I just don't like the fact that the Vikings franchise used many of its potentially productive years giving on-the-job training to an HC with potential when they could have grabbed someone that was proven at HC. Now we trained Tice and developed him to the point of being a medocre coach that could eithat fold, stay mediocre, or excel and cut him loose. Don't waste my time traiing HCs on the Vikings squad so you can save a few bucks.
    You know Prophet, my bro and I pondered this question a long time ago and we came up "Red must have been thinking this."

    He must have been thinking, that Moss needed Tice. Remember Moss wasn't getting along with Carter as well and DC was not really the leader yet, kinda green and wet behind the ears. Well, I think he knew Tice had good rapport. The money thing must have been an after thought. ONce he made the decision to promote Tice, he probably explained it to Tice like this, "well, you perform and I will pay, I can't pay you cause you have no experience, you have to pay me cause this is your education." Tice salivated and wagged his tail, "you mean the job is mine."

    Red thought a players coach might be able to handle the Moss Man. Red probably thought it was the best posible solution at the time. After a year or two, it probably dawned on him that maybe, "I can stretch Tice out longer at no pay until I can sell the team because the stadium isn't going to happen in my lifetime, cause I am really really really old."

    Just a thought
    SIA, that's a plausible explanation. I truly believe you are giving Redneck too much credit with that explanation though. I think it was more along the lines of.....hmmmm, I can either pay someone millions of dollars or i can pay someone less than a million dollars a year to coach a talent-laden team......Hmmmmmm......I like to have the extra coinage for the supersizers and deals on I like donuts......hmmmmm what was I doing again???......Oh yeah, Tice, you are the man for the job.

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