"Del Rio" wrote:
Preseason games are games played against yourself.

The opponent is arbitrary. It is a time to clean up mental mistakes and to see who is going to make that final roster. So no you don't play your starters very much, maybe 1 quarter.

It's for the younger guys to work on assignments, for the coaches to work on managing game clock, and calling plays smoothy and accurately. Getting the punt team on and off the field on time with the correct number of players, getting your FG team in position to go.

Preseason is extreemly important but that importance has nothing to do with who you play or even if you win.
That's about it in a nutshell. The ones I go to see are the rookies. Why? Because they will bust their hump during those games & give 110%.

It is their only shot to make the team. There is no 2nd chance once your cut, so they'll make the best of the time they have on the field.

The starters are already penciled in, so they don't get to see much action until maybe the last pre-season game.