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    what will happen to our running backs?

    "johnnyb22" wrote:
    I think most people on this site have made valid points. Bennett is suseptable to injuries and Smith is prone to party. That makes it even more important to keep them both. Between the two of them you have one really good back. If you get rid of one of them there is possibility that we do not have a talented back to start an important game. The weaknesses they have makes it crucial IMO to keep them both if we are going to go far in the playoffs.

    I don't think it makes any sense to keep them both. We have moe and mewelde, 2 very capable starting RB's. If we keep them both, we will loose one of them to FA at the end of next season, and get nothing in return. We used a 4th on onterrio, so a 2nd round pick would be worth a trade at the end of this year, no? We would still have bennett, moe, and mewelde moore, a very deep and talented backfield. I don't like the idea of letting them play out there contracts and sign with someone else in FA. If anyone thinks they are both gonna wanna stay here and split carries with each other, that ain't gonna happen.

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    what will happen to our running backs?

    I agree that Moe, Moore and Ned are good RBs. However Moe is getting old and won't be able to be a starting RB for the future. Moore is really good but I think one reason he slipped in the draft was that his speed was in question. So like it or not Bennet and/or Smith will be the #1 RB for years to come.

    I'm leaning towards that being Bennet because he gives us something that neither of the others do. Speed. Blazing speed. That's the potential to turn a game around.

    I haven't seen Smith play much (live in Chicago) but what does he offer (as a #1 RB) that Moore, Moe or Ned cannot provide?
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