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    Re: What Went Right? What Went Wrong: Skins Game.

    Right: Halftime defense adjustments.

    Wrong: Williamson has to make those catches, huge momentum killers.

    Unexpected: The amount of emotion Brad Johnson displayed after his TD pass.
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    Re: What Went Right? What Went Wrong: Skins Game.

    WRONG: Williamson..thats just cannot catch a deep ball with your body you schmuck..the other one, i just dont know what on earth he was doing missing a routine 10 & out pass that was perfectly thrown..JUST USE YOUR DAMN HANDS!

    RIGHT: Williamson when he actually caught the ball..anything Brad Johson did..the protection the O-Line provided for Brad was superb, i only remember him being hurried once or twice
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    Re: What Went Right? What Went Wrong: Skins Game.

    Right: They won the game. Brad JOhnson was impressive.

    Wrong: Too many stupid penalties,
    Williamson needs to catch those passes, Running game needs to improve.

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    Re: What Went Right? What Went Wrong: Skins Game.

    Right: WIllingness to run the ball. Offense came through in 3rd downs. The wideouts were open often. Brad Johnson looked very, very sharp out there. Excellent pass protection. NO TURNOVERS

    Wrong: The Williamson drops. Pass rush was weak. Botched PAT.

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    Re: What Went Right? What Went Wrong: Skins Game.

    I liked the show of character.

    1. Kluwe botched the first hold. Kept it together and executed for rest of game.
    2. Troy dropped two catches. Made up for it with crucial 3rd down conversion in 4th quarter.
    3. 8 penalties in first half. Just 1 in second.
    4. Down by 4 at half time. Not panic and pull out win in second half.

    Nice, solid, play.
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    Re: What Went Right? What Went Wrong: Skins Game.

    I really like the balance.
    The defense may not have been dominant but they came through when they had to.
    Penalties after we stop a 3rd down killed us.
    Troy was shaky.
    He did okay but those 2 drops were dreadful.

    For those of you that thought BJ couldn't air it out, hopefully there is no question anymore.
    The question is will TW hang on to it?
    He would have thrown for 300 yards if it weren't for drops.
    I love his ambidextrous passing game.
    All in all I'm happy with the win.
    Smoot had a good game.
    Napo made me eat a little crow although I think I would still want Edwards.
    Leber was solid.
    Taylor I thought did a good job.
    He would have had more that 100 yards rushing if it weren't for a couple of penalties.
    Hutch is a beast.

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    Re: What Went Right? What Went Wrong: Skins Game.

    The Vikings will learn if Williams can be the guy at the WR position in th egames to come.
    He may be a Bennett mascaraiding in the WR position.
    He made some nice plays tonight......but burleson makes the catches he droppped.
    Speed is one thing...cathcing the football is another.
    But BJ played great. He is reaching his peak.
    I think we see great QB play this year, similar to Tommy Kramer's comeback player of the year campaingn in 1986.
    I also think the D-fense played great - just a great team effort on the road.
    Viking teams of the past got soft in the red zone, this team gets stronger.

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    Re: What Went Right? What Went Wrong: Skins Game.

    things that worked

    1. B.j's control of the game.. he knows when to throw away, when to check down, and when to go.. though one time he aired it for no reason into triple coverage.

    2. our line dominence.. we were contsantly squeezing in the pocket of washington, and brad had time to get things goin..

    3. our D got better as the game went on.. i like this trend!!

    4. Troy getting

    Things i'd like to see improve.

    1. our devotion to penelties.. the first half were some stupid ones.. we cooled it down in the second.

    2. T.will grabben anything near him!! he's getting better and better.. this is one of the last hurdles.

    3. wiggens 2 get more involved.. (i'm sure though there are packaged plays they are working on per team)

    4. our special teams coverage.. needs to get more sure of itself.

    other then that.. i think we did a great job against a solid team.. wait till we face detroit or gb!!!


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: What Went Right? What Went Wrong: Skins Game.

    Before the game i was getting ready to see our d-line dominate the O-Line on passing plays and wondering about how many sacks we would get tonight. But we didnt seem to get that big of a pass rush at all especially for what was advertised. Does Washington have that good of an Oline?

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    Re: What Went Right? What Went Wrong: Skins Game.

    Wrong/Right: Honestly i thought the play calling was kinda bad at times, I don't blame Taylor for his 2.8 yards a carry, we really ran some runs at bonehead times. But like Childress said its not the Quality its the quantity, the redskins defense looked BEAT.

    Of course Troy, not good dropping those balls but man is he a weapon, he's tough to gaurd for a CB, he's got such great speed and quickness out of his cuts, i paused my tivo at one point and they had the ball snapped and in the hands of TW for a first down in 2.5 seconds. He's a target and bottom line is he gets open alot, he's very hard to gaurd.

    Steve, Birk... all of them, beastly job it looked as if he totaly swapped offensive lines with the Seahawks of last year.

    LB's, EJ and Nappo played exalent football, i'm super exited for nappo he had a real nice game and i was his biggest critict. Mad props to him. EJ, what can u say a physical presence and always swarming to the ball. He was on one blitz in the second quarter where he whiped out Ladell Betts, just ran him straight over. They look physical and fast, Napo is huge and strong.

    Fred Smoot played his best football game as a viking, nice to see that, espacially just two weeks off bruised ribs. Pat Williams played well also, ray edwards deserves a mention.

    All in all pretty good performance, i felt we had control over the whole game, the stupid penalties and dropped passes could have cost us the game but i don't see it happening on a weekly basis.

    Oh yeah and Longwell kept his composure after missing one FG and punched the last one in.

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