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    Re: What team do you hate the most?

    How can a most hated list be complete without the:

    Not necessarily in that order.
    And, furthermore, I've been to NFL and MLB games in most U.S. cities, grew up going to 'Huskers games, been to Super Bowls, World Cup games, and, without a doubt, Philadelphia Eagles fans are the worst in the world!
    Bar none.

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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    Re: What team do you hate the most?

    It's the Packers.

    No question or doubt about it. It was before Favre & will be after he's gone.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: What team do you hate the most?


    wtf? It said I didn't meet the 3 word req., maybe because they weren't in order?

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    Re: What team do you hate the most?

    ^ Sometimes I wonder if Hines Ward would be on you're most hated players list.
    In the P.J.'s, my blend tape plays, bullets are strays
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    Plus the Island is packed
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    Re: What team do you hate the most?

    Packers: Obviously a given.
    When I was in 7th grade, we moved from deep in the Iron Range of Minnesota to the outskirts of Wisconsin (actually, it was Superior, WI..
    Just on the other side of the border from Duluth).
    I remember my parents telling me to be careful when I wear my Vikings stuff to school, they didn't want me to get hurt or beat up.
    So I wore Vikings apparell every day, just to spite them.
    Supprisingly, there were a good percentage of Vikings fans at school, but that never stopped the Packer fans from heckling me (or talking about their 'God', Brett Favre..
    It was, in fact, these years in Superior that cemented my love for the Vikings, because as they heckled me, I loved to spite them.
    Plus, their colors make me sick.

    Bears: Another obvious team.
    My first NFL live experience was a Monday night game versus the Bears in the late 80's, early 90's at the Metrodome with my dad.
    Since they were the cheap seats, we were in the middle of the Chi-crowd, and as a 5 year old, I was heckled because I had a Vikings hat on.
    Not just heckled, but harrassed, swore at, beer thrown..
    The works.
    From that day forward, I became the #1 Bears hater.

    "America's Team"...
    The Cowboys are proof that it doesn't matter if you do crank, crack, cociane, weed, or any other illegal substance and get caught, as long as you are a winning team, no one will care.
    I say bullsheet.
    Thinking about the Cowboys makes me ill to my stomach, and thinking about Michael Irvin as a NFL analysis just pisses me off.

    That pretty much tops it off.
    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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    Re: What team do you hate the most?

    I hate the Packers and Cowboys. That's pretty much it in the football world. The team I despise more than any team and it's not just because the Twins are losing to them right now but the Yankees. They have my respect but I hate them at the same time.

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: What team do you hate the most?

    The Cowboys, Packers, and 49ers can go 0-16 Every year for all that I care.

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    Re: What team do you hate the most?

    Redskins (try living in DC area for 6 years hating their team)

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    Re: What team do you hate the most?

    Why can't we love all teams in the NFL, in the spirit of fun and friendly competition?

    Isn't there enough hate in the world?

    Yeah right.
    In this order, the teams I hate the most,

    Fu*k the Raiders! (I think that says it all.)
    The Packers (You can't love the Vikings and not hate the Packers.)
    The Cowboys (Arrogant A-holes dare to call themselves "America's team.")

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