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Thread: What a tackle!

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    What a tackle!

    How did you like that tackle on the last play of the first half? That will get your attention, or knock you out. Too bad we were out of time or maybe we could have taken advantage of the fumble.

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    Re: What a tackle!

    How about moving LEBER to wide receiver!?!?!
    "I play for the love of the game; I play because there is no greater feeling than hearing 80,000 fans screaming when you smack somebody!"
    ~ Jared Allen

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    Re: What a tackle!

    that was a huge hit. both of those plays. HUGE
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: What a tackle!

    can we stop starting a new topic for every play int he game?

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    Re: What a tackle!

    Do not need play-by-play threads.

    Live chat or the yell will suffice for this.

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